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Furious CE Gloves ( NEON )


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Our flagship pair combining racing level protection and touring level comfort, the Furious CE gloves, for the versatile biker. Top quality leather is soft yet extremely durable, providing excellent comfort and protection. Knox™ sliders 404 on the palm and Superfabric™ slider for the pinky finger raises the safety aspect of the pair
The whole glove is CE approved to standard EN 13594:2015. The Furious gloves pass following tests –

  • Impact resistance: Residual force below 9 kN (kiloNewtons)
  • Abrasion resistance: Slide time ≥ 4 seconds.
  • Cut resistance on palm: ≥ 1.2N (Newtons)
  • Seam strength: Main seams ≥6kN per millimetre.
  • Tear strength: on palm ≥ 25N and back hand ≥ 18N (Newtons)
  • Cuff Length ≥ 1.5cm

Impact and abrasion safety –

  • Knox™ SPS 404 sliders for the palms, made from a layer of Knox’s latest Micro-lock armour on the inside and abrasion-resistant LDPE on the outside
  • Superfabric™ for the outer side of pinky finger
  • This combination allows the palm of the gloves to slide on tarmac and prevent injuries to wrist bones due to hyper-extension.
    Protective double cuff closure with TPU wrap-around wrist protection – raises the entire profile of the glove to protect wrist bone from impact in a crash
  • Durable TPU knuckle protector in a separate overhanging part for maximum comfort
  • Hard protectors for proximal phalanges (fingers)
  • Hard protectors for outer phalange of thumb, soft foam inside leather for inner phalange
  • Soft foam under leather for intermediate phalanges (fingers)

Abrasion safety –

  • Thick and durable yet dextrous and supple leather chassis.
  • Pinky-finger bridge between 3rd and 4th finger.
  • Leather reinforcements on the palm and outer hand landing zones provide maximum abrasion resistance for key impact zones.

Fit and comfort –

  • Twin strap hook and loop closure.
  • Touch sensitive finger-tip.
  • Palm-grip printing.
  • Stretch panels for flexibility.
  • Pre-curved design for comfort.
  • Full-gauntlet, touring fit.

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